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Issue #41: The Dark Knight Rises Review | Comic Book Podcast

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Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN! Yeah, you know it! On Friday, Christopher Nolan’s third and final film in the Batman trilogy came out. I think it’s safe to say from its $161+ million it brought in over the weekend, a lot of people went to check it out. Needless to say, The Dark Knight Rises is our Topic of the Week and we have a non-spoiler segment as well as a spoilerific segment, for those who checked out the film.

As for our Books of the Week, Bobby raves about last week’s Women in Comics guest’s latest book, Captain Marvel #1. Bob talks up X-Factor #240 while Steve thinks Supergirl #11 was the shit. Stephanie can’t quite make up her mind and discusses The Walking Dead as well as Revival #1 from Image Comics (even though it was already discussed while she was absent and attending SDCC).

All this and more on this week’s edition of the Talking Comics podcast…


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5 Responses

  1. JD

    (Note: There might be some spoilers below, be warned!)

    Whew, I thought the podcast was going to collapse toward the end there with the TDKR discussion. I completely understand what Steve was getting at with his Robin theory. I guarantee you that if this weren’t the last Batman film under Nolan, the internet would be abuzz with theories that both Batman and Robin would appear in the next film despite what the ending of the film suggests. The name “Robin” just has an association with Batman’s sidekick no matter what Nolan’s true intention was.

    However, this is the last Nolan Batman film and the use of the name is just a nod at the audience in the same vein as the line about seeing a giant crocodile in the sewer. Nothing more.

  2. speederice

    I hope you guys all had a group hug at the end (and a long distance hug from Stephanie). Tense debate, you guys covered my nitpicks and found many I missed! Great show!

  3. joaoAtienza

    My way out there pet theory on the ending of the film…

    Even with the autopilot fixed, Bruce couldn’t have escaped the blast radius.

    The nuclear bomb blasts him back into the past where he then proceeds to fight his way through history and back to the present day. When we see him in the cafe, he is actually looking for an Italian Batman to recruit for the newly founded Batman Inc.

    The final scene shows that Robin Blake (who might actually be Dick Grayson given his ability to swing around) is going to take over as Batman and will eventually take on James Gordon Jr.

    Sure, it’s a bit of a joke but part of me really wants this to be canon.

  4. Boykoesh

    I completely agreed with Bob on most points. I absolutely loved the acting, everyone involved really brought their A-game.

    But the movie itself felt rushed to me. I applaud Nolan for trying something with such a big scope but the endresult was a movie that was trying to tell so much that there was never enough time spent to make me really care (for example, we don’t really see the citizens suffering and the police turnaround came out of nowhere).

    And I ussually react the same to plotholes as Bobby does (you can nitpicl everything to death, just enjoy it) but in this movie there were SO MANY holes in the story that halfway through it became really distracting.

    All in all I liked the movie but it had nowhere near as much impact on me as Batman Begins or TDK (or even Amazing Spider-Man).

  5. nocommayes

    As someone who didn’t particularly enjoy the movie, I was really apprehensive going into this podcast [months and months after it aired I know]. That being said, It was great having someone who was able to stand up and point out the film’s inherent flaws.

    The arguing was great, too. And I don’t mean that facetiously. People argue about what they care about, and that’s as evident here as anywhere else.

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