Issue #40: Favorite Female Creators and Characters of All Time

Issue #40: Our Favorite Female Creators and Characters of All Time | Podcast

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Welcome back to another week of Talking Comics. This week is a really special week for the site, in which we discuss the wonderful Women in Comics.

We skip some of the usual discussions like Book of the Week in exchange for a hot topic. That hot topic is of course San Diego Comic Con, which just finished wrapping up on Sunday. We discuss the news that was announced there and Stephanie gives a little bit of personal insight as to what shenanigans went on.

The topic for the show is themed along with the the rest of the week though and Bobby, Steve, Bob and Stephanie talk about some of their favourite female comic book characters as well as their favourite comic book creators. Listen to the show and let us know what you think in the comments and let us know what characters or creators we missed that you think we should’ve talked about.

Also, you’ll hear a brief mention of Ryan Andrews on the show from Stephanie. He’s the gentleman who created Sarah and the Seed, the webcomic that Stephanie raved about a couple weeks ago. The link to his lovely Kickstarter project (which you should ALL check out) can be found by clicking here.

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