Hoax Hunters #1 Review


Hoax Hunters #1

Written by Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley

Art by Axel Medellin

Review by Mara Whiteside

In a word, Hoax Hunters is fun. The premise is fresh, the characters are believable, and the monsters add just the right amount of spice I want in my comic book.

Regan and Jack head up a team of supernatural investigators. Their current lead takes them to the heart of the bayou, where an alleged swamp monster lurks. This premiere issue also sets up future issues by giving Jack a murky past. We get hints at a troubling disappearance in the family, which results in the promise of a gun-ho, information-seeking character who will stop at nothing to solve the case.

Without revealing too much information, we get a quick glimpse of Regan’s past, enough to whet our appetites for future issues. The pairing of Regan and Jack is wonderful—there is no sexual tension from the get-go, and both characters seem to have each other’s back. The supporting members are briefly shown; obviously the focus of the book is on Jack and Regan, who are actively searching for monsters.

Though the series is called Hoax Hunters, it didn’t focus too much on the monsters. Some people may not like that approach, but I’m pretty excited to learn more about the monsters and supernatural beings the team faces after knowing a little more about who they are. The pace of the issue is slow and steady, but ends with a great cliffhanger.


The great thing about this first issue is that it leaves me wanting more. I don’t know the full story, and it starts to lay the groundwork for a great story arc. There is history between the characters (even the monsters) that can be used in the following issues. While the first issue did not take my breath away, it piqued my interest enough to want to read the second issue.

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