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X-Men Legacy #269 Review

X-Men Legacy #269

Author: Christos Gage

Artist: David Baldeon

Reviewed by Mara Whiteside


There is a quote in this issue that pretty much sums up the X-Men’s side in the AvX crossover:

“Guess that’s the difference between us and the Avengers. The world already looked pretty good to them. They fought to keep it as it was. We fought to make it better.”

Rogue hits the core of the conflict right on the nose. Yes, the Phoenix Force is super powerful and should be dealt with carefully. People can die, the world can be destroyed, but the X-Men see potential in its abilities. They see an opportunity to create a world that works, expanding Utopia to all corners of humanity. The Avengers cannot stand to risk it.

This crossover that involves so many people, so many motivations, so many places, all summed up within the first five pages of X-Men Legacy #269.

But let’s get back to what this crossover event really is. It’s a fangirl’s dream. In every issue of AvX I’ve read, I’ve seen some pretty epic battles. Cap and Cyke! Thing and Namor! And now…Rogue and Ms. Marvel! There is no getting around an opportunity to let these gals fight it out.

And I love it.

Of course, I think they shouldn’t be fighting. They should be talking it out, compromising, yada yada yada…In my heart of hearts, I’m doing fist pumps because I’m looking at them fighting it out.

In the heat of battle, Ms. Marvel brings up a good point: the Phoenix Five are all well and good now, but what happens when they aren’t appreciated? What happens when people act like people and mess up? Will they still do good?

Woah. Added layer to the crossover.


Buy it.  I haven’t read X-Men Legacy for several issues, but the information I picked up from reading Avengers v. X-Men made this a great jumping-on point for this series. Plus…Rogue and Ms. Marvel fight! My two favorite Marvel gals going at it, and I have something new to look for in the main crossover title. Bonus: I get to read the whole issue in my Rogue voice, which is super fun to read aloud!

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