FF #19 Review

FF #19 Review

Written by Steve Seigh

Art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Colors by Cris Peter

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Mufasaaaaa! Heh, sorry. It had to be done. So by now you’re all well aware of my newly found love for FF seeing as I pretty much made love to the series in my latest editorial about the series. Issue #19 only adds to the genius of Hickman‘s run and finds us deep within the lush jungles of Wakanda, where the class of the Future Foundation is spending a little time off from getting into trouble … too bad it doesn’t last very long.

You see, the Wakandian Resevoir, an unnatural water structure that stands as a symbol of unity and peace between four nations inside of Wakanda, has been threatened. While exploring the jungle, the younger of the Future Foundation team members stumble upon a plot that threatens to remove the reservoir from its current  and symbolic location. So with light tone, a lot of beautiful artwork by Hernandez Walta, and plenty of uproarious antics we embark on another great adventure while reading FF.  

Firstly, I found this issue of FF not only to be a nice break from all of the wild, life threatening cosmic conundrums that is usually par for the course for the FF team, but the issue was also damn funny! There were several moments where the actions and dialogue of Dragon Man had me laughing out loud, and the more time I spend with Bentley the more I like the mischievous little bugger.

The bottom line for me is that it’s nice to know that a book that can often times (almost always) be overly heroic and deal with matters that would jeopardize the very existence of our species can take a breather and just have fun for an issue. Even though there were events happening within this book that if successful would have upset the balance of the Wakandian people, I never really felt like the villainous tribe was ever much of a “threat”. Some people would see that as a deterrent but I disagree.

So what if the bad guys never stood a chance? This is an issue of FF that you can just kick back and enjoy. It doesn’t call upon your ability to stretch the limits of your comprehension of cosmic events, it just lets you have a good time with characters that you love. That, in my estimation, is the sign of a good book. You get the business end of the stick 80% of the time but are treated to something lighthearted and funny the other 20%. It’s not a bad trade off if you decide to do the math.


Of course you should buy it. As I’ve stated, it’s funny, the art is gorgeous and it’s pretty much like you’re on vacation with the team of FF. And hey, you might even get to ride an elephant, and who doesn’t want to do that?



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