The Road to SDCC: The Floor Plan

Like in real estate, San Diego Comic-Con is ruled by the phrase, “location, location, location.” Knowing, where to go, and especially when to go there, are important pieces of information to help attendees have an organized and enjoyable experience at SDCC. Today Comic-Con International has released the list of exhibitors and their respective locations on the showroom floor. Come see where you can find all the goodies this year at SDCC!
Click the map to go to the PDF version with booth titles and numbers.

SDCC Floor Plan

SDCC does a pretty good job of making sure booths of a genre stick closely together on the floor plan, and their system has worked out well so far. In the middle of the map are the big comic book publications, but hidden in the middle of them is also the SDCC Boutique which has all the official shirts and some of the convention exclusives. Most of the exclusives are acquired at their various booths and nearly all the booths toward that area have one or at least free stuff to pick up.

To the  far left are the video game and artist alley areas including the fantasy illustrators and illustrators section. The video game section is located to the top left area and artist section is sprawled out from the bottom left corner and out toward the middle of the map. Between the artist section and the central comic book section are the TV and toy areas containing Gentle Giant, Nickelodeon, etc..

To the far right are the vendors. All sorts of vendors selling clothing apparel, accessories, comics, and even some exclusives on the secondary market. Warning though, buying some exclusives through them can be pricey and their rarity often goes up after the first or second day depending on the exclusive.

That’s more or less the guist of the floor plan, please look carefully at the floor plan to scope out other points of interest. It’s helpful to make a route for yourself and plot key landmarks to help navigate and make detours through traffic on the exhibit hall. In handling traffic the best advice I can give is to make sure you know where you’re going, where you are, and be able to improvise a route to get there. Good luck out there!

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