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Issue #37:  Justice League Dream Casting

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It’s the last podcast before we hit July… JULY! Can you believe it? And what better way to heat things up (…or cool down?) than with comic talk! Ok… so maybe a pool would be better suited to keeping you cool this summer, but when you get all pruney and get out of the water, make sure to bust out your iPod, iPhone or listening device and take in your weekly dose of Bobby, Steve, Bob and Stephanie.

On this week’s podcast, the guys (and gal) discuss ideal casting of the impending Justice League movie as well as story and other shenanigans. Who do they cast? SPOILER ALERT: Michael Fassbender stars as EVERYONE, even Wonder Woman. Seriously. Hollywood, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

As for Books of the Week, Bobby stays on the Before Watchmen train and raves about the first issue of The Comedian, Steve loves the crap out of Batman: Death By Design, Bob discusses Superman/Batman and Next Wave and in non-Book-of-the-Week shenanigans, Stephanie rambles on about North Carolina’s HeroesCon.

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4 Responses

  1. RepStones

    Ok, big love from Ireland on the Fassbender thing. He appears to have eclipsed a certain Mr Farrell as our most popular export…after a certain dark type of stout (beer) that is. But in keeping with the emerald isle theme – i thought Jonathan Rhys Meyers might make a good Green Lantern, if he’d hit the gym for a little bit.
    have to say, Bob’s suggestion of Thomas Jane for Batman, yes and yes again. He hadn’t even crossed my mind ( i think id subliminally counted him out after Punisher) but i can defintely see him i the role. He has the perfect mix of handsomeness and weathered face that would be ideal for Bruce Wayne. Imagine a Batman movie where the toll of being Batman all these years was actually reflected in the face of Bruce Wayne. If DC seek to take the Batman movie franchise down ever more realistic routes, acknowledgment that he’s not actually a SUPERhero and his crime fighting persona does indeed take a toll on the man, well Bob’s suggestion is pitch perfect. I’m not saying go down the route of Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and have a mid 50’s batman (Bob’s a shoe-in for that part obviously) but always having a wrinkle free Bruce is lame. (“What about Keaton’s hairline?” i hear you scream)
    And for the non-comic fan having a weathered face actor take on the role of Bruce/Batman next to these young blemish free Henry Cavill types would help alert them to the fact that Batman is not some God, alien or intergalacticly baptized hero.
    I was thinking Flash wise, how about Cam Gigandet, or even him for Aquaman. He’s got the looks, not sure about his quick timing/comedy chops necessary for Flash. But who knows? Anyway those are my preliminary picks. I didn’t venture into Wonder Woman territory as I’ve never read the comic, and hold a special place in my heart for Lynda Carter.

    I hope to hear other listeners thoughts on possible casting because im pretty sure my mind will change.

    Best regards

  2. mo the sho

    Batman-Liam McIntyre, because he’s Spartacus…
    Superman-Brandon Routh, because he did a great job as Superman in returns and he filled Reeves shoes well.
    Wonder Woman-Laura Prepon, she’s tall statuses and she can act her ass off.
    Aquaman-Alan Ritchson, because he’s got the build and the look. He did a good job as him on “Smallville”.
    (Wally West) Flash-Adam Brody, he just reminds me so much of Wally West. Just dye his hair and we’ll be straight.
    (John Stewart) Green Lantern-Iris Elba or Morris Chestnut, because there just really great actors.
    Hawkgirl-Olivia Wilde, she’s hot and she has actual talent with the look of Hawkgirl.

  3. Mr.O

    Martian Manhunter: Djimon Hounsou
    Green Lantern: Morris Chestnut
    Superman: John Hamm
    Wonder Woman: Megan Fox
    Batman:David Boreanaz
    Flash: Nathan Fillion
    Aquaman: the guy who plays Jamie Lannister

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