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The Road to SDCC: The Walking Dead

SDCC LogoI was there at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 when they unveiled the very first trailer for season one of The Walking Dead on AMC. For those who read the comics, I was also there to see the major uproar at over the surprise, “ending,” to issue #75. SDCC 2010 was a huge milestone for the franchise and, the now COO of Image Comics, Robert Kirkman. This year during SDCC 2012 the franchise hits another milestone, with the comic series hitting issue 100 and the show reaching a third season, promising some of the most memorable stories and characters written by Kirkman. Come see how The Walking Dead will devour SDCC 2012!

So The Walking Dead comic has a big birthday party coming up and the whole undead neighborhood is invited. The plot seems fairly straight forward, Rick’s encampment is dealing with an outside threat of another band of survivors of unknown number and strength, plus zombies. In the cross fire there appears to be a friendly settlement between them. “Something to Fear,” follows right behind, “A Larger World,” where Rick’s group come to the startling revelation that there are other large pockets of survivors in the middle of the undead wasteland. It’s neat seeing the two stories budded together since, “A Larger World,” is mostly colored with hope but the flip side is that with a larger environment comes, “Something to Fear.” So my big question is, “how are these guys worse than The Governor?” We’re set to find out in issue 100.

Speaking of The Governor, guess who’s coming to dinner this new season of the television show? During the break between seasons it was revealed that David Morrissey will be The Governor in season 3 along with Danai Gurira playing the fan favorite, Michonne. To give this some favor, let’s get into just how powerful these characters are for the story. The Governor leads a despotic band of survivors in a militaristic and violent fashion, hell-bent to enslave and conquer other survivors for their amusement. At this time Rick and the gang haven’t run into any other groups of survivors, save Hershel’s and never to this scale. When The Governor’s group encounters Rick and Michonne they are tortured to try and divulge the location of the Rebel Base… oops I mean the rest of the survivors and their supplies, of course. The pair escape but are then ambushed by The Governor and his forces back at the prison. I don’t want to spoil too much of the story, being that this is the first real shot the show can mirror the comics in a near perfect fashion.

I said nearly perfect, right? We also have another surprise dinner guest to the show.

Merl returns
Merl Returns

The Walking Dead are coming to SDCC!

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