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Issue #33: Marvel Vs. DC: Who Would You Choose?

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Another week and another Talking Comics podcast is here to delight you. We are like dancing monkeys for your ears. This week marks the epic topic discussion of where our allegiances lie: Marvel or DC? We spent the day asking YOU, our lovely and loyal listeners where your allegiances lie and we make sure to include those as well as answer a few topic-related questions etc. So tune in to hear us talk about you aka hear Stephanie probably mess up your name.

As for the rest of the show, the gang of course talk their Books of the Week which include Weapon X, Joe Hill’s The Cape, Matt Kindt’s new Dark Horse series Mind MGMT and Challengers of the Fantastic. Bob also takes this time to hate on a book, so if you want to know what book to avoid, make sure you tune in.

The Comic Book Podcast is brought to you by Talking Comics (, a blog dedicated to covering the latest and greatest in comic book releases. The editorial staff is composed of Editor-in-Chief Bobby Shortle (Fanboy Remix, Doctor Whocast), Stephanie Cooke (’s Digital Dorm) and Steve Seigh ( contributor) who weekly dissect the releases and give you, the consumer, a simple Roman yay or nay regarding them. Our Twitter handle is @TalkingComics and you can email us at Until next issue … to be continued!

4 Responses

  1. mo the sho

    I am a DC fan always, but Bob is absolutely right, DC is nothing but Gods among men. I have been recently begun to read more Marvel and various other comic book company, but I also started to read the Fantastic Four(Hickman’s run) and I must say it is awesome, simply astonishing, an amazing body of work… So I can honestly say Marvel is starting to win me back over with there humanized characters that you feel for.

  2. mo the sho

    Also I would like to see Batman switch to Marvel just to see how he would react in a world were he wasn’t always in control, I personally think he would be a nemesis to the X-Men only because I don’t really see him being able to deal with the reality of the X Gene.

  3. RepStones

    Thinking back from my earliest days of collecting comics, Batman looms large (as im sure he does for all of us) so DC always had me in that respect. However I have never been a Superman fan, I just always felt DC’s Golden boy to be more than a tad boring and i never really read any other Dc titles. Thinking of Marvel, since my earliest days I was always an X-men fan, them and Ghost Rider – i recall nearly crapping my pants when i first came across a Wolverine and Ghost Rider teamup book. As a kid the erratic nature of my pocket money meant that continuity was out the window for me. I just bought whatever i could and in that respect my local newsagents always had more marvel, so thats what i bought.
    The Gods vs Men argument holds a lot of water and as such makes the battles and cliffhangers in Marvel that bit more exciting.

    Movies obviously marvel hands down. I haven’t really watched either houses animation over the years. TV selection is crap here in Ireland/UK. But i hear you guys raving about Young justice so i’ll have to check that out. Games wise, Marvel seems to put out a lot more than DC. But those last 2 Arkham batman games alone have me giving the edge to DC in this field, they were immense.

    This is always an entertaining discussion, but i think its important to recognize that DC wouldn’t really be what it is without the competition its had from marvel and vice versa. We should be thankful that we’re talking about an oligopoly instead of a monopoly.

    So to finish, Im with Bob and Bobby, i have to tilt my hat towards Marvel – they gave the world Rémy LeBeau after all. Case Closed 🙂

  4. RepStones

    Forgot to mention, I think it’d pretty sweet if Ghost Riderwent to DC. They seem to have a better handle on the horror/supernatural elements. Imagine a Constantine/Ghost Rider team up or JL dark even.

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