Mind MGMT #1 Review

Mind MGMT #1

Story, Art and Cover by Matt Kindt

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Ever have a dream that was like a story …? And at the end of the dream there’s a twist ending? Some kind of shocking surprise? How can your mind do that to you? You’re creating the dream. How can you surprise yourself? 

These are the first words you’ll read when picking up Mind MGMT #1, words that set the pace for this unique and intriguing book in ways that you’ll soon come to find out are more important to your survival than they might first appear. Matt Kindt has crafted (in my opinion) a rather mind blowing first issue to a comic that I’m sure is going to be one hell of a cerebral adventure.

Each page is splashed with crude but still very beautiful images sketched in thin black pen and saturated with watercolor-like hues. The art lends a certain level of dreaminess to the mental gymnastics this book forces you to undergo. As if to give the book even more character, each page contains a quote taken from the rules and guidelines of what it takes to be a successful Mind MGMT agent. Each of them coincides with page you are currently reading, giving each panel that much more depth and meaning. It’s small details like this that give the reader even more to read and be involved with as you make your way through the pages.

Oh yeah, what is it about? Well, Meru, is a down on her luck author who hasn’t had a hit novel in the past two years. Prompted by the anniversary of a rather extraordinary event, that event being an entire flight (passengers and crew alike) succumbing to instantaneous amnesia while still in the air. All but one passenger was affected by the malady, and one has gone missing. It’s Meru’s idea to seek out this missing passenger and help solve the mystery of these most unlikely events. 

Mind MGMT #1 is the reason I love comic books so much.  It’s the kind of book where each event that transpires just pulls you deeper and deeper into the mystery of it all. There’s really no telling of who you can trust and it very well might be that in the end it’s all just a dream. You’re just going to have to keep reading to find out.


An absolute buy! If you’re looking for something that will make you think but also has an Indie-edge to it than Mind MGMT #1 is your book. I highly recommend seeking this out if you want to read something different and ultimately satisfying. 


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