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CW Shoots Out A Trailer For Arrow

This fall, the CW will be launching a new series based on DC Comics’ Green Arrow. The show will simply be titled Arrow and it will follow the origin story of how Oliver Queen went from being a rich spoiled billionaire to becoming the hero, Green Arrow.

Green Arrow has always been one of the bigger comic book characters from DC, but has never really gotten his own recognition until now. Arrow has the potential to do for Green Arrow what Smallville did for Superman. Will it be any good? Who knows, but I sure as heck will be watching to find out.

Taking up the green cowl is Stephen Amell and joining him will be Katie Cassidy as Dinah ‘Laurel’ Lance, who we can only assume will become Black Canary at some point during the show… you know, supposing it does well.

This week has been a big week for Arrow and following some show footage and new images, the CW has launched an actual trailer for our enjoyment. So check it out and then leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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