AVX: VS #2 Review

AVX: VS #2

Captain America vs. Gambit

Written by Steve Mcniven

Inks by John Dell

Colors by Morry Hollowell

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Colossus

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Salvador Larroca

Colors by Jim Charalampidis

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

In this corner we have Captain America! He stands for truth, justice, and the American way! And in the other corner we have Gambit! This member of The X-Men can charge potential energy into kinetic energy, leaving matter explosively unstable! Yes folks, it’s Uncle Sam’s Mightiest Super Soldier versus The Raging Cajun! Who will win out as we enter Round 2 of The Avengers vs The X-Men stand-off battles?

The thing about this particular tie-in to the whole The Avengers vs The X-Men event going on right now, is that right from the get go the books outright warn you that this is not a book of substance. Now, while I appreciate the heads up, it would be nice if this particular reader got a little more bang for his buck. For my money, the battles contained in this issue were just not entertaining enough. While the fight between Captain America and Gambit certainly had a bit more flair, it was kind of hard to get over the idea of Cap (more of less) being on his cell phone (built-n head piece) throughout the entire scuffle.

It might have been a good idea that for a series claiming to have very little dialogue, that the dialogue at least be engaging when it does come into play. Though, I will say that for my few hang ups about this particular bout, the art is fun and has a good sense of movement to it.

And now, for our second battle of the issue! Spider-Man versus Colossus – in what’s sure to be a knock-down, drag-out fight … right? Meh. I gotta tell ya, for a battle between one of The X-Men’s strongest allies and The Avengers resident wisecracking wall crawler, I thought the fight was quite boring. Colossus flashes an angry sneer, Spidey makes a pretty lame joke or two, he spins a few webs, Colossus bares even more teeth … blah. I’m sorry, but I find it hard to believe that this is what readers had in mind when they were anticipating a new battle between these two titans of the printed page.

VERDICT: What can I say? It’s part of the whole The Avengers vs. The X-Men event, so you’re probably going to want to pick it up. Would I say that it’s a great issue and you should totally own it? No. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot tie-in books to this whole event and some of you might be wondering where to spend your money. I personally feel like this is not one of those times. However, this is merely my opinion, so by all means seek this issue out. And hey, if you love it you could always come back to this review and tell me I suck. Happy reading! 



One thought on “AVX: VS #2 Review

  1. Ok, before i begin, full disclosure – i am an unapologetic Gambit fanboy. So you can imagine my excitement at hearing Remy was going up against Cap. Having read AvX round 4 before this versus book i spoiled it for myself as Round 4 seemed to show Cap dispensing with Gambit a little too easy for my liking – and as you say, the fact he was on the ear piece to Tony Stark the whole time, was an insult to Gambit and his many fans round the world.
    In the versus book, the fight between Gambit and Cap was actually better than AvX round 4 had led me to believe. When Gambit gets hold of Cap’s shield and charges it, that put a huge smile on my face and is probably my favourite panel, not just this book, but in quite a few months. I really liked how much gambit put it up to Cap. Charging Cap’s suit to use it against him was a nice touch. But that final kick which Cap deflects with his shield before a haymaker punch to end the fight, that was crap. No way Gambit would be caught out like that. McNiven should have at least treated us to Gambit sweeping Cap with his bo-staff, but Cap Bust it up like it was a toothpick.
    And why didn’t we see Gambit picking himself up, like we seen the defeated fighters do in the first Versus book? hat coupled wth Cap’s lack of respect being on the phone, made me angry.

    Spidey v Colossus – well im not going to even comment on it because Spidey done a runner….Okay just one comment, those AvX facts, ‘ouch’ is not a fact. Yes we know the little AvX facts are made up, but just having ‘ouch’ as one of them???? C’mon.

    Rant on over, roll on August till that new Gambit series starts.


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