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Issue #31: How Can DC Make A Justice League Movie? | Podcast

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It has been over a week since Marvel’s The Avengers hit the big screen and the comic book world is still reeling. With that in mind Steve, Bob and Bobby tackle the conundrum of how DC Comics can catch up to Marvel in the movie department. Should they fast track a Justice League film or take time to launch The Flash, Wonder Woman and a non Nolan Batman in movies of their own? Find out what we think and let us know if you agree. Of course the gang takes some time to go over their books of the week with Bob lauding John Byrne’s Trio, Steve loving on Avenging Spider-Man #7 and Bobby schizophrenically going over Civil War, Journey into Mystery and the Night of the Owls. Oh and Steve let’s fly on Diablo III and how it’s dominating his life. If this all sounds good to you why not sit back, relax and lets talk some comics!

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3 Responses

  1. RepStones

    Guys just listened to the Podcast. As always excellent discussion and you make me look forward to my work commute between Belfast and Dublin each day. (how sad am I?)

    Anyway, one area i think you could touch on more in this debate about the feasibility of a DC team movie, is instead of concentrating how the heroes will come together, lets examine more the act or the event that will bring them together. Specifically how some of the villains can jump into eachothers world. Like examining the possibility of joker & Luther forming an alliance and employing the Rogues (to bring in Flash) to steal some object worth $$$$, said object having some intergalactic importance (ripping off Marvel’s tesseract plotline, but up pops Hal Jordan) etc etc. If there was more focus on a decent solid, believable plot incorporating some of their famous rogues gallery, it wouldn’t be as difficult to shoehorn them all into a JL movie.

    Bob’s idea about a bats 7 Supe movie first is an excellent one, to test the waters. And as you guys said, the tonal issues of trying to bring such a dark character like Bats into the same movie as hal Jordan or Flash will take a lot of ironing out. But just think how good the Tower of Babel arc would be in a JL blockbuster sequel 🙂

  2. jeffhasnas

    The timing is perfect for a JL movie. Nolan’s Batman is going to be done this summer, a new Superman is coming out, and no other characters are really being utilized.

    I think the best way to have a Justice League movie is with the “Blackest Night” event from a few years back.

    Having already introduced Abin Sur and his fear in the Green Lantern you can play with that in a Green Lantern 2. Relating that universe to the Man of Steel universe is something they can still work in.

    I also agreed with a few other things you guys said:
    1) Wonder Woman obviously needs a movie, desperately.
    2) The Flash or Aquaman would be great to introduce because of the humanizing need that Green Lantern left out.
    3) Superman and Batman need to team up. I’m thinking Superman 2.
    4) Marvel already gave DC the formula, stick to what works.

    If they can manage each of those movies and introduce each of those characters then they can work in some Blackest Night plots.

    A couple of my personal ideas that I would really like to see though is 1) that the universe is a little darker (Hence leading into a very dark JL movie) than what Marvel has been doing, 2) I’d like to see some play in from the Green Arrow TV series that could allow for his entry into the movies or the movie characters entry into the TV show as time goes by.

    I just started listing to you guys a few weeks ago so I have no idea what you thought about Blackest Night, but it was my first entry into the DC Universe and comic books in general right before the New 52. I loved it.

    Keep up the work guys.

  3. mo the sho

    1. Batman, you start with him because he is the crux that holds the universe together. Story origins montage like “Wolverine Origins” to tell Bruce’s back story, but you have to see the death of his parents because thats his drive that’s who he is and why he become The Batman…to tie the other stories together, Alfred walks into the cave talking about superman in some way.
    2.Flash, Barry Allen has some good source material but the key is not to kill him off he’s the helpful type always wanting to do the good thing. You stick with the standard origin story with him and introduce “Zoom”. At the end credits a clip of Wonder Woman in action on T.V.
    3. Wonder Woman, tell her origins and the Steve Trevor stuff turn it into a love story like “Captain America Movie” have her go up against “Cheetah and introduce Wonder Woman taking a tour of Gotham City and Batman’s batarang appears as she tries to save the citizen.
    4. Aquaman, DC 52… Enough said, tell his origin and thats it but instead of Black Manta you use Ocean Master, that way you can save Black Manta for the sequel and then you can really get into his origins in details. At the end, You see Superman.
    4. Superman, this will be the final film to tie the universe together. Story has been written already “Superman Earth 1” just expand on it, but you do the crash as a baby and the Kent’s holding Clark for the first time then childhood montage, and at the end Martian Manhunter arrives and the scientist dies.

    This leads into my Justice League Movie…

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