Dancer #1 Review

Dancer #1

Story by Nathan Edmondson

Art Design by Nic Klein

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Dancer #1 opens the way every great action comic should, with a bang! Quinn is a beautiful ballerina with big dreams. Not content to simply remain in Italy, Quinn would love very much if her and her lover, Alan, could move away together. The only problem is that no sooner than she mentions the idea of them setting off to parts unknown, Alan’s past comes back to haunt them both, and there’s going to be a lot of blood.

I didn’t know what to think when I first picked up Dancer this afternoon at the comic shop. Always curious to check out a new property, and also really digging on the art style (very Thief of Thieves, no?) I decided to buy the ticket and take the ride. If you were to hold your finger against the proverbial pulse of Dancer #1 you’d find that it’s heart rate could most likely out-beat that of a schizophrenic jack rabbit. With grand cityscapes, bullets whizzing through the air, and an innocent’s life on the line, Dancer displays the makings of a good “on-the-run” piece that could have you holding your breath and coming back for more as the fate of Quinn and Alan hangs in the balance of each page.

VERDICT: Buy it. Dancer #1 in my estimation was a great way to open a new series. With elements of mystery, murder, and bloody espionage hinted at in this first issue there is no doubt in my mind that this won’t be at the very least a very tense ride. The marriage of talents between Nathan Edmondson and Nic Klein feels like the perfect match for a story such as this. With Quinn and Alan no doubt running into much more trouble as the story continues I’d say that I’m on board for the next time we tangle with their very curious pursuer.      

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