The Jungle Book #2 Review

The Jungle Book #2

Written by Mark L Miller

Pencils by Carlos Granda

Colors by Liezl Buenaventura

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Tragedy strikes within the jungle as the newest war on Kipling Isle wages on. This issue of The Jungle Book #2 finds us entering the next bloody chapter of the great animal war and, unfortunately, lives will be lost. 

I’ll get right to the point. Zenescope’s The Jungle Book is wonderful. After an inspiring first issue, this installment pushes the envelope in the story’s emotional and action elements to a very satisfying degree. The lush environments of Carlos Granda create a wild and dangerous backdrop in which to witness this great battle, and if you’re imagination is sharp enough, you’ll even feel the flies biting at your neck as you sift through the thick branches that give camouflage to those who would devour you if you’re not careful.

What I’m really enjoying about this series so far is that I feel like I’m actually there in the midst of all that is happening on the page. I can feel the rage of the tigers, and a sympathize with the wolves yearning for peace among the four factions of the forest. Though the animals are not the only characters inside of this story that make Zenescope’s The Jungle Book worth your money. The plights of both Mowgui and Bomani (the Tiger Prince) are hard felt as each of them attempts to prove themselves worthy of traveling with their respective pack. The delicate balance of action versus emotion weighs heavily on both sides of this issue, but the two opposing forces come together quite nicely by the final page in which rage will take you over, regardless of who you’re wanting to win this epic war.


Buy it. There’s no question about it, The Jungle Book is one of the must buy on your comic shelf today. Don’t miss out on this series as Zenescope books are known for being in limited supply and whether you’re a wolf or a tiger, you’re going to want to get your paws on this run.

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