Rebel Blood #2 Review

Rebel Blood #2

Written by Riley Rossmo and Alex Link

Art by Riley Rossmo

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Rebel Blood #2 is an odd book. So odd in fact that I find myself wishing that the next issue was available right this very second. The book is, for lack of a much better word, surreal. There are moments when you’re really not sure if the events transpiring on the page are actual events, or are perhaps just the daydreams of a shattered and lonely man. Some readers might very well be turned off by my words, but I assure you, that Rebel Blood has much to offer anyone who is willing to go the extra mental mile to read it.

This issue picks up precisely where the last one left off, and what follows is a sort of home invasion scenario of the worst kind. Chuck just can’t seem to catch a break as the horrors of this nightmarish plague continue to haunt his every footstep as we follow him through some pretty intense action all throughout the issue. The artwork of Riley Rossmo is once again crudely gorgeous, as each panel drips with blood, sketchy expressions and snow covered corpses. It’s the type of comic has the words “Passion Project” written all over it.

My only hope for the rest of the series, is that the odd dream-like or “song” sequences that made the first issue so amazing continue to be woven fiendishly into the fabric of Rossmo and Link‘s story. I’ve always enjoyed the spinning a of a weird and wild yarn, and Rebel Blood, so far, seems to be really hitting that niche for me. With events like Avengers vs X-Men and Batman’s Night of the Owls dominating the shelves and occupying everyone’s free time, it’s nice to know that there is also something truly f’ed up like Rebel Blood to quench that particular thirst. 


If you’re into off-the-beaten-path stories and hallucinogenic oddities than you should totally be reading Rebel Blood. There’s only a few more issues until the end, so I recommend that you go out and get your copies now while they’re still available. It might not be for everyone, but you do want to be cool, right? All the cool kids are reading it, man. You do want to be cool, don’t you? 


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