Comic Book Haul 4/25/12

Every week on Talking Comics we are going to do a feature all about your comic book hauls for the week! So tweet us, email us @, or Facebook us pictures of your comic book purchases for that week, your comic book collections, or your local comic book shop and we will feature them here! 

Starting off this week we have some staff pictures.

Steve is a madman. We think he might seriously need an intervention.


Steve's Variant Cover Haul for 4/25/12
Because for Steve one day of buying comics just wasn't enough.


Bobby's Haul, though many other books are purchased digitally.

Now on to our awesome followers! 

@iamgiantwoman shows off her AVX and Independant love.
You might not be able to see it, but @Dusk1020 receives 1 copy of every book that comes out.
@ChrisPartin has got a mighty stack going on this week.
@Sigma_s1x swears there are seven more books where this came from. Not too shabby if you ask us.
@RicCoalwater continues to increase his love for Tin Tin and other comics.
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