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Issue #28: Listener Q&A, Night of the Owls and AVX #2 | Podcast

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The Talking Comics podcast is back for another issue. This week’s podcast is all about YOU, our loyal listeners. We love that you take the time to check out the show week after week and that you take the time to interact with us across our various social media outlets. And as such, we asked you fine folks to send us questions to answer… ANY questions (saucy or otherwise). We got a pretty overwhelming response, which was amazing to see and we try to answer as many of them as possible.

Of course on this week’s podcast, we also take the time to talk about our regular things like Book of the Week and we extend it a little bit this week to include a general discussion about Marvel’s Avengers vs. X-Men #2. What are everyone’s Books of the Week? Tune into the podcast to find out!

The Comic Book Podcast is brought to you by Talking Comics (, a blog dedicated to covering the latest and greatest in comic book releases. The editorial staff is composed of Editor-in-Chief Bobby Shortle (Fanboy Remix, Doctor Whocast), Stephanie Cooke (’s Digital Dorm) and Steve Seigh ( contributor) who weekly dissect the releases and give you, the consumer, a simple Roman yay or nay regarding them. Our Twitter handle is @TalkingComics and you can email us at Until next issue … to be continued!

One Response

  1. Amy

    great show as always!

    it’s been bugging me for a week.
    what’s the video game music playing before the q&a starts?

    a non-comic book question: what was your quintessential childhood video game? what’s that game where that title screen music immediately takes you back?

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