Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes 2.01 Review


There is something objectively awesome about Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, whose second season premiered this past Sunday on Disney XD. Those watching from the start know that the show has done things right. It took time to establish each individual character, but since then has grown exponentially with each subsequent episode. Last year ended with a multi dimensional battle for all of reality, it also teased a major new storyline, and this year begins by bringing us a team up between The Avengers and Fantastic Four. Those who have long pined for the return of the show will find the waiting period well worth it, as this premiere rocks the house in almost every way.

As I said before The Avengers and the FF have teamed up, but what I failed to mention is that they have banded together to take on the grand poobah of all villains, Doctor Doom. The Latverian dictator uses his Doombots to kidnap Sue Storm and from there our team is off to the races.

Christopher Yost, who has so masterfully resurrected Scarlet Spider, wrote this episode, which deftly balances humor and action at every turn. I especially like the juxtaposition of the two teams interacting with each other pre battle. Yost takes full advantage of the almost friendly rivalry between the Hulk and The Thing. He also highlights in hilarious detail the distracting genius of Reed Richards vs. the suave, not quite as genius ,Tony Stark.

The story itself is engaging, fast paced and continues to expand on the twist that ended last year’s finale. The voice acting remains top notch and there is a joy in how the show fully showcases the powers of both the heroes and villains. If you didn’t think Doctor Doom was badass before this you certainly will after.

What You Need To Know
The show opens with a recap of last year, but I highly recommend going back and watching the first season. (All of which is on Netflix watch instantly)

A great premiere that was well worth the wait. This show deserves to be one of the flagships of Marvel.
Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes feels like a living comic book and delivers great action, consistent laughs and entertainment for fans of any age. I can only hope that The Avengers film can match up.

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