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Talk about fantasy becoming a reality! This morning I nearly spilled a massive mug of steaming, hot coffee all over my lap as I checked my email, only to find a most glorious announcement from Zenescope inside my inbox. One of my favorite comic book series, Grimm Fairy Tales, is looking to become an animated series! Zenescope Entertainment (Grimm Fairy Tales, 1,000 Ways to Die, The Jungle Book) and the animation company Titmouse Inc. have teamed together to create a very worth your money Kickstarter event that will help them make this ambitious project a reality. 

Official Kickstarter link here:

From the official Zenescope email:

Zenescope Entertainment President Joe Brusha had this to say:

“We believe that our Grimm Fairy Tales comic book series would make an excellent animated series, and we’ve been pitching the idea to the Hollywood big-wigs for years. They’ve said “There is too much Fairy Tales stuff out there”, or “No one wants to see a gritty, dark, modern take on the fairy tales.” That’s where they’re wrong. We have tons of devoted fans that would love to see more of our series, and that is our chance and yours to make it happen.”

Grimm Fairy Tales has been the flagship series of Zenescope Entertainment since the company started. Zenescope has grown to a top comic book publisher due to its continued success. Grimm Fairy Tales is currently the longest running independent color comic being published today and has over 1 million copies in print.

Jon Schnepp will be directing this project. He is one of the hottest animation directors in Hollywood, having already seen a great deal of success working on such series as Aqua Teen Hunger Force , Metalocalypse, and the Venture Brothers. Not only will Jon be working closely with the creators of the comic book, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco; Zenescope will be enlisting Titmouse Inc, one of the premiere animation studios, to help with this vision.

Titmouse Inc is a premiere animation studio with top-tier talent and experience. Jon Schnepp has worked with them before on many of his projects, and much of their work rounds out the Adult Swim animation block on Cartoon Network. Their variety of experience is suited well for the Grimm Fairy Tales animation series anthology.

Are you excited? I know I’m excited. Everyone should be excited! Seriously though … this is a fantastic announcement as well as a step in a very clever direction for Zenescope Entertainment. Among other series released by Zenescope Entertainment Grimm Fairy Tales has always been my favorite (aside from FLY). The very idea of this fabled battle between good and evil coming to life through animation should be enough to make even the most devoid of sexual thought shove their hand down their pants for a little action. Imagine Red Riding Hood and The Huntsman bursting through the door of Grandma’s House, weapons brandished, with the taste of blood already on their tongues. Fairy tales are my personal favorites of any story I’ve ever read growing up. There has always been so much to take away from them, lessons to be learned and such. If anyone is capable of bringing these harsh truths about the human condition hidden deep within these stories to life, it’s Zenescope Entertainment.  

So grab your wallet and get your ass over to their Official Kickstarter Page and give what you can to help bring this project to life!



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