Review: Monocyte #3

Monocyte #3

Created and written by Menton3 and Kasra Ghanbari

Art by Menton3

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Now. When will it be “Now”? When was “Now”? When is “Now”? Imagine a moment lasting only as long as a single, unlabored breath. The moment you embrace the “now” of that breath it is already lost. One memory pushes another deep down and with every breath we take a new memory takes shape. We are a cage of moments come, moments lived, and moments lost. Something dark is coming, carving it’s way through the land. The One-Eyed draws ever closer, and the savior has not yet come.

After gazing upon issue #3 of Monocyte I can now say that I fully understand why it takes a little while for these issues to hit the shelves. Because seriously … it’s unreal. The level of artistry build into every page is something that any fan of comics or art should be paying attention to. The grand words of Menton 3 and Kasra Ghanbari dance in concert with the macabre wasteland that is the battlefield of the Antedeluvians and The Olignostics. Monocyte is, of course, part of a series, and must be experienced from the very beginning to truly appreciate the actions of the book’s characters.

I think the problem with Monocyte might arise in the idea that people may very well find themselves intimidated by the themes, and, in turn, won’t take the time to read it. The bottom line is that Monocyte is too sophisticated to be viewed as just another comic book. The ideas and ideals being presented inside of the journey of The One-Eyed will have you pontificating with your friends for hours if you’re into that kind of thing. Others will find the subject matter far too heavy handed to even attempt proper dissection of it’s content. The fact that something like this would be lost on a number of people makes me crave each issue even more. I’m a man who likes a good “think” and Monocyte certainly has delivered plenty of late hour drunken contemplation between my friends and I (those of who I’ve shared the book with). It’s stark, intimidating, and remorseless in it’s presentation. The art melts me and I find the dialogue to be inspiring.

The only fault I’ve found with Monocyte thus far is it’s accessibility to a more relaxed audience … but you know what? F that. Give me more. 


Monocyte #3 is not just something to read but something to behold. Go find the other issues, get your thinking caps on, and read that sucker. 

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