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Green Lantern: The Animated Series – “Beware My Power” Review

As part of Cartoon Network’s new Saturday morning DC Nation block of programming, Green Lantern: The Animated Series looks to generate small screen buzz for a character whose big screen, big budget introduction was largely considered a flop. Unlike that travesty of a Hollywood film, however, this version of Green Lantern looks to already do more justice to the classic superhero.

(Before you read any further, feel free to check out the official trailer here.)

Despite the fact this isn’t an origin story, the first episode does a great job of subtly initiating newcomers to the lantern mythology. Hal Jordan’s personality is developed brilliantly with the placement of applicably sarcastic dialogue coupled with a deep passion for helping others. The series also jumps right into the core of what Green Lantern is all about – the protection of not just one world, but the entire universe. Red Lanterns are wreaking havoc on Green Lanterns at the edge of frontier space. This first episode revolves around the Green Lantern Corps’ discovery of this threat and decision on how to handle it. Hal Jordan and pal Kilowog make a great team, both bringing unique strengths and some fun banter to the adventuring pair. We’re even introduced to a new Enterprise-like spaceship fueled by willpower that, of course, our pilot hero will just have to get behind the controls of.

Overall, the story is appropriate for kids, but doesn’t seem to shy away from conflict. It’s quite surprising for an animated series to ever kill of a hero, much less in the pilot episode, but this version of Green Lantern takes its history seriously and by focusing on the characters’ mortality makes the viewer care that much more. The animation is CGI, not often used in cartoon series. The show looks beautiful with Earth, Oa and the other worlds each receiving their own unique sci-fi style. The gorgeous visuals also allow for some amazing fight scenes and construct battles, of which there are plenty.


This is a great start for the new DC animated series based off of a beloved character whose big screen debut was a flop. For fans of Green Lantern and newcomers alike, this is an enjoyable ride and makes Saturday morning breakfast a lot more fun. Kids and adults can both enjoy Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Go ahead and bond with the children and check this out. Now is the perfect time to start watching and be there from the beginning.

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