Kickstarter Spotlight: Rhinos Bowling: The Art of Thom Zahler


This week’s Kickstarter spotlight is Rhinos Bowling: The Art of Thom Zahler!  Zahler is the creator of Love and Capes, a superhero comic that is also a romantic comedy, what more could you want?  Well Thom seems to think that the world needs an art book to look at.  I had the pleasure of meeting Thom at Baltimore Comic Con in 2011.  And I can tell you that not only is he an amazingly sweet guy, he is also incredibly talented and passionate about what he does.


Zahler’s Love and Capes work has been collected before.  This art book will comprised 48 (or more) pages of his non-comic work, private clients, rough sketches, etc.  He promises to “bring the funny” with this book.  It will be available in hardcover and softcover.  Some of the rewards that Zahler is offering are quite generous.  There are two slots available for the one and only, extremely tall Mr. Zahler to come to you!  And all you have to do is donate $2,500 or more.  Check out the rest of the rewards available and a trailer of the project (and gaze upon Zahler’s handsome face) at the Kickstarter site here.


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