The Walking Dead #93 Review

The Walking Dead #93
Title: A Larger World Part One
Written by Robert Kirkman
Pencils and Inks by Charlie Adlard
Review by Ashley Neuhaus

Warning: Spoilers for the Issue Contained in the Review

This issue kicks off the first part of the new story arc. Last we saw Rick and the gang, they were approached by a man so aptly nicknamed Jesus. He claimed to be part of another group of survivors, a group much larger than Rick’s. He also laid claim that there were more colonies and that they had formed a trade company of sorts. Jesus invited Rick to join them after showing his survival skills by beating the crap out of Abraham.

Rick has always been a skeptic about newcomers that approach his group. I understand why. He’s trying to protect the group but he should also be doing what’s best and that’s to get them as many supplies and necessities as possible. He takes caution, which is good. In this instance, that takes the form of tying up Jesus. Rick puts on his cop hat and proceeds with the interrogation asking when Jesus’s group is going to attack.

Rick sets out with Abraham and Michonne to try and see if Jesus’s group was lying in wait to attack. He goes up to the tower and talks with Andrea about keeping them in her scope in case they are ambushed. I think Andrea was still reeling from being rejected by Rick but she becomes the voice of reason. During his scouting mission with Abraham and Michonne, Rick decides that “Hey, maybe we DO need help from Jesus.” Andrea’s words were probably still rattling around in his head while the trio was taking out some roamers. You know, the same things they’ve been fighting off this entire time. Rick gives a speech about how that’s become their lives and they didn’t even bat an eyelash. It’s the same thing Kirkman has him say once an arc it seems. I’m ready for something new. And we get it after a beautiful double splash page of showing “brand new horizon” and “new lands to be sowed.” Rick gets all bad ass again and after such a soft and inspiring speech to his partners, Adlard gives him the gruff and aggressive look to match Kirkman’s words. There is so much emotion going on in this issue and Charlie Adlard’s careful pencils really portrays all that emotion very well. When Eugene and Rosita are talking, you can see the sadness and love in Eugene’s brow line.

Kirkman has set up his readers for yet another awesome arc. Knowing Kirkman’s writing, that is exactly what we will get with this story. Adventure. With Eugene trying to figure out how to make bullets, Andrea being the voice of reason and Rick turning into a serious bad ass, things are about to get very interesting in the light of this new trade market.

Another solid issue from The Walking Dead team. If there is someone out there not reading this book, it’s a good jumping on point as it’s the first issue in the new arc. And will make this new reader want to go back and read every issue prior.

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