Review: Alpha Girl #1

Review: Alpha Girl #1

Writer, Co-Creator – Jeff Roenning

Co-Creator – Jean-Paul Bonjour

Pecils – Robert Love

Inks – Dana Shukartsi

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Judith and Buddy Meyers are not your typical young adults. After a particularly not so nice childhood, made possible by their junkie mother, both Judith and Buddy have grown up a little rough around the edges. But after an experiment gone wrong at the local Cosmetics Lab Perfume Department, and all hell has broken loose, so that thick skin of theirs might just come in handy.

Zombie or Rage Virus scenarios may be getting a little played out in today’s entertainment industry, so it’s all in how you present your take on the subject that will be the ultimate say in whether your story is worth people’s time. With that in mind, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Alpha Girl has got some staying power. I really enjoyed the humor and tone of the book. Judith has a certain calm and cool presence to her on the page and her narration is pretty damn funny. “The beautiful, original world is destroyed by a fucking cosmetics company.” I love the attitude. Judith, looking like she just got through playing a set with Ladytron in her Ramones t-shirt and cigarette dangling from her lips, is the perfect guide to this unique apocalypse. 

To round everything out is the rather cartoonish but all together fitting art of Robert Love on pencils with Dana Shukartsi providing the inks. The art vibe of Alpha Girl is post-apocalyptic playfulness with a  hint of Saturday Morning Cartoon madness. Shukartsi’s use of color really makes each and every page of this book pop. I’m looking forward to seeing what art will come further down the line as the virus spreads and more and more people fall prey to the horrible mistakes of two fame hungry scientists. 


If you’re a big fan of outbreak or zombie scenarios you very well might want to give this a read. With solid humor and a bad ass art style to back it all up Alpha Girl certainly looks like it will have us grabbing our baseball bats, hungry for some zombie bashing time!

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