Catching Up with Morning Glories

Morning Glories Issues #1-15

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Joe Eisma 

Cover art by Rodin Esquejo

Published by Image Comics

Dear Diary,

It’s only been a few days since my arriving at the rather strange prep school known as Morning Glories Academy. Things seemed to be going pretty well … well, okay, if you don’t take into the account that I was drugged prior to my arrival, but whatever. It sounds kind of funny but it appears as if all of my friends and I share the same birthday, isn’t that weird? I’m beginning to suspect that this place isn’t just a school. One of the girls from my group has disappeared. No one has seen her for days and I’m starting to suspect the worst. I wonder if they’re putting something in the water? Anyway, some of the kids are thinking about trying to find our way out of here but I’m kind of afraid to go. All of this crazy shit keeps happening and I’m beginning to think that even if we manage to find the front gate that there will just be another one right behind it. Everyone has been super stressed out lately and even Jun seems like he’s becoming bi-polar, or something. Tomorrow there’s supposed to be some kind of school wide event called Woodrun. I wonder what the hell that is?

I’m not going to lie. I’ve been reading issues of Morning Glories non-stop for the past several days. Bordering on the verge of crack-like I became addicted to this series after our girl Stephanie brought this to our attention in Issue #13 of our weekly podcast. Totally willing to check out anything as strange as what she had described to us that night, I was completely taken after just one issue. Morning Glories certainly has a bit of Lost vibe to it, but it’s so much more than that. The story keeps getting better and each lengthy issue gives you plenty of information and intrigue for your hard earned cash.

Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma work in a wicked tandem with  one another to bring the school of Morning Glories and it’s over the top characters to life. Each of the main characters of Morning Glories, be it the students or faculty, are chock full of personality and drama. You know that urge you get to chow down on a great television show or DVD box set? That’s what it felt like to read Morning Glories. It’s that whole “Just one more episode before I go to bed!” mentality. Before you know it it’s four a.m. and you need to be at work in five hours … but it was so worth it.

You’ll have to read the books for yourself if you want to know what happens. But, understand that I’m not just writing this for my health either. This is me telling you that you’ve got to check this out. If you like mystery, drama, violence, horror, and and a great serial tone to your stories than you’re missing out if you don’t give this series a shot.

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