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DC Characters Get Stop-Motion Aardman Animated

By now, you may know that the Cartoon Network is planning on launching a new programming block called DC Nation. As you can probably guess, it’s shows that are all dedicated to DC Comic characters. It’ll include shows like the new animated Green Lantern series as well as a new Batman series titled Beware the Batman.


I can’t honestly say that I really know that much about the programming other than it’s on its way in 2012, but today I saw something that made me very excited for the launch… very excited indeed. You’re probably familiar with Wallace and Gromit and the movie Chicken Run… even if you haven’t seen them, I feel like everyone has at least heard of one of them. If not, go look them up RIGHT now… Or right after you finish reading this. The studio behind both stop-motion creations is called Aardman… and these fine folks also have a movie coming out in 2012 called The Pirates! Band Of Misfits (when you finish reading this… go look that up too).


And while I love all of the things that Aardman has done and probably will continue to do… I stumbled across a promotional DC Nation video today that probably just took the top spot for my favourite Aardman project. It’s incredibly short, but I watched it probably about 10 times in a row and laughed every single time I played it. I don’t want to give anything else away because I want you to just check it out for yourself and fall in love with it:

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