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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s Superman Beyond!

There are certain characters that even non-geeks are familiar with.  A few of those characters include Batman, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man and of course, the Man of Steel himself, Superman.  Superman is quite possible THE iconic character as far as superheroes go.  He’s not a personal favourite of mine, but I would be naïve to think that he isn’t one of the first characters to spring to mind when one thinks of comics.


Now, here’s another name for you, a name that probably only geeks will be familiar with.  The name is J.T. Krul and those of you who are familiar with him will know that he’s a comic book writer.  His previous works include most recently, Captain Atom and Green Arrow and before that, he worked on Teen Titans, JSA and several other fairly big titles.


Now take Superman and take J.T. Krul and mash them together and what do you get? Well… if we were talking literally, Krul would probably be crushed to bits and pieces since Superman is, well, the Man of Steel.  However, we are not talking literally and as such, Krul will be penning a new Superman series set to launch in the near future.  The new series is from DC’s Beyond franchise, which got started with Batman Beyond.  It will appropriately be called Superman Beyond and it’ll be launching (much to the joy of Superman fans everywhere, I should think) in April.


Joining J.T. Krul on this new Superman adventure are artists Howard Porter and John Livesay to bring the story to life.


So Superman fans, what say you? Are you excited for Superman Beyond? Will you just be picking it up because you’re a Superman fanboy? Or do you loathe that DC is doing this? Let us know by either leaving us a comment below, sending an email to us at info@talkingcomicbooks.com or sending us your thoughts in 140 characters or less on Twitter (@talkingcomics).


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