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Review: I, Vampire #4

I, Vampire #4

Title: In Between Days

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov

Art by Andrea Sorrentino

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Awww yeah! Okay, so maybe Batman doesn’t show up, and we haven’t quite gotten to Gotham City just yet, but who cares? What we have this month is vampires being what they’re meant to be, frightening. Joshua Hale Fialkov clearly has a handle on this series. Introducing the character of Constantine, Fialkov keeps introducing new and interesting characters into this already dark and wonderful story arc. I also particularly enjoyed the exchanges between Andrew and a down and out vampire, Steve, who doesn’t quite know how to cope with the powers that lurk within him. Andrew, forever on the side of good, first acts as a mentor to Steve, testing his commitment to never feed on the blood of the innocent, but soon finds that not all men can be trusted. It’s moments like these when Andrew’s purpose inside this destroyed world is really cemented in the readers eyes.

The art of Andrea Sorrentino is once again top notch. The Gothic, angry but oh so elegant design of the book pulls you in with each and every turn of the page. You have to have the right kind of art to sell a tale such as this. There’s simply no way that you could have a story as dark and brooding as this with nothing but pussy lines and curves to back it up. Sorrentino achieves this in spades with his sick and twisted designs of a world left to ruin at the mercy of countless vampire hordes. Not to be left out of the praise is the spectacular coloring of Marcelo Maiolo. Maiolo lends such rich textures and shadowing to the dark art of Sorrentino that you’d think the two were always destined to work with one another.

With the promise of still making our way to Gotham, a growing tension within Andrew’s group, Constantine himself now on the case, and the Queen of Blood still gathering her hordes, this book looks to be working itself up into quite a frenzy. Transformations, bats, black magic, and lots of blood; I, Vampire is a bloody good read this month.


Mary the Queen of Blood is still out there somewhere. She’s gathering her hordes and it’s up to Andrew and his new found friends to stop her.


Absolute Buy – If you’re looking to get your vampire on, and feel like drinking a little blood, you really can’t go wrong with this dark and twisted tale of love and eternal damnation.

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