Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

A movie that tops almost everyone’s list of movies to see in 2012 is THE DARK KNIGHT RISES… Obviously. If it isn’t at the top of yours, or at least pretty freaking high up there, there’s a good chance that you’re potentially mental.


Obviously Christian Bale is returning to reprise his role as billionaire Bruce Wayne and a cancer-throated Batman.  Joining him is his trusty, loyal manservant, Alfred (Michael Caine) and his gadget manservant, Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).  Gary Oldman is back as Commissioner Gordon and a few other familiar faces return to the final film in Christopher Nolan’s beloved Batman trilogy.


Joining Bats and the gang for the first time is Bane, who will be portrayed by an extremely buff Tom Hardy, Catwoman aka Selina Kyle as played by Anne Hathaway (I think she’s a lousy choice (don’t kill me), but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt for now), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays John Blake and the lovely Juno Temple playing Holly Robinson.


I left one person out… one Marion Cotillard because I wanted to put something on the table for you all, which you can read about after the trailer, since I didn’t want to spoil the trailer for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.




Initially when Cotillard was cast, everyone immediately thought that she would be playing Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Talia al Ghul, because she is obviously a perfect casting choice for the role.  Then it was announced that she would be playing a character called Miranda Tate.  Huh? Boo that Nolan, boo that!


However, after watching the trailer, I’m starting to feel like Miranda Tate may just be a decoy name to throw off fans.  She may in fact be playing a character called Miranda Tate (who is supposedly an employee of Bruce Wayne’s), but I believe that Marion Cotillard’s character may be using Tate as an alias and she is actually Talia al Ghul.  I also have a few suspicions that when everyone in the prison is chanting “Rise”, it may be referring to Ra’s al Ghul and more specifically to the Lazarus Pit.  I could be just looking into it a bit too much, but it would definitely make sense and also with an appearance by Ra’s (which has been rumoured), Talia showing up would definitely make sense.


Do YOU have some thoughts on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer? We’ll be discussing the trailer in depth on the next podcast, but feel free to share your thoughts by leaving us a comment below… We’d love to hear what YOU think is going to go down in the film.

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