Review: Grimm Fairy Tales: The Library #3

Grimm Fairy Tales: The Library #3

Written by Joe Brusha

Pencils by Giovanni Timpano

Colors by Liezl Buenaventura

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

The Wicked Witch of the West is standing above you. Her arm is cocked back and there’s a fireball resting in her crooked green hand. Her hot rancid breath is blowing strands of stray hair off your wet forehead. You’re  holding the key to a magical book that she very desperately wants to open … oh yeah, and you’ve allied yourself with Robin Hood, Hercules, and  Pecos Bill.

Grimm’s Fair Tales presents The Library #3 is pure fantasy action. Never giving you a moment to rest The Library is constantly turning the tables on it’s characters and whisking them off to new territories filled with new dangers. The moment you think that our main characters will actually catch a break is the moment when you’ve clearly forgotten how to perceive. Giovanni Timpano’s art style looks like it’s straight out of the pages of an old Grimm’s Brothers sketch journal and really compliments the source material from which it’s based.

I’m totally ready for the next issue. I’m a sucker for fairy tales and this series really does speak to a very devious part of my inner child.  If you’re at all fond of solid fantasy comic action built on the backbone of the stories you’ve known since you were able, then there is no reason not for you to check into The Library.


I highly recommend that you pick up the first two issues of this series as this is a very fast paced comic that has a continuous plot. Plus, they’re really good.


Buy it –  Things like The Library is why I pay so much attention to Zenescope. They specialize in this kind of stuff and they do it really well.

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