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DC New 52 Dream Film Castings

Talking Comics Presents: DC New 52 Dream Film Castings 

About 2 weeks ago, the staff of Talking Comics got together on our weekly podcast, (Episode #8 to be precise) and discussed what we thought would be the perfect director and casting choices for new films based off the characters featured in The DC New 52! We hope you’re listening Hollywood, because we’ve got some killer ideas and the stones to back up our claims.

Round One … Fight!

Bobby Shortle chose The Flash written by Francis Manapul with art by Brian Buccelato

Director(s): Larry and Andrew Paul “Andy”  Wachowski – famous for their The Matrix trilogy as well as Speed Racer

Casting Choices:

Barry Allen/The Flash : Armie Hammer – famous for his role as the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network








Iris West: Rachel McAdams – famous for her roles in Sherlock Holmes and The Notebook








Professor Zoom : Michael Fassbender – famous for his roles in Inglorious Bastards and X-Men: First Class








Stephanie Cooke chose Wonder Woman written by Briam Azzarello with art by Cliff Chiang

Director: Joss Whedon – famous for his long running (and amazing) Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and he will soon direct the 2012 The Avengers film.

Wonder Woman: Stephanie have us a few casting choices in her first round and here they are: Summer Glau (?), Evangeline Lilly, Chalize Theron, Anna Friel








Artemis : Christina Hendricks (yum!)









Steve Seigh chose Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. written by Jeff Lemire with art by Travel Foreman

Director: Terry Gilliam – famous for his involvement in the BBC Monty Python Series as well as the films The Fisher King and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Frankenstein: Tom Hardy








Father Time: Ellen Wong








Bride of Frankenstein: Lucy Lawless








The Creature Commandos

Dr. Nina Mazurka (Mermaid): Kristen Bell








Warren Griffith (Wolfman): Kim Coates








Vincient Velcoro (Man-Bat): Rhys Ifans








Khalis (Mummy): Adrien Brody








And there you have it for the first round of Talking Comics DC New 52 Dream Film Castings! If you’re interested in hearing our explanations for this particular round of films you can find the full podcast here:

Talking Comics Podcast Issue #8

And we invite you to share your thoughts with us on our casting choices as well! You can reach us through our direct email or find us on Twitter at @talkingcomics

Are there films you would love to see be made that we haven’t covered yet? Think you can do better with these films? Let us know!

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