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Review: Mass Effect:Invasion #1-2

Mass Effect: Invasion #1-2

Written by Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller

Art by Omar Francia

Review by Bobby Shortle

The first installment in Bioware’s Mass Effect video game series has the distinct honor of being the first game I ever played on an HD television. It’s also by far my favorite new franchise of the current generation of consoles because of it’s dogged dedication to interesting characters and fully realized worlds. The universe in which it exists is vast in both physical size and historical depth and it’s easy to picture there being many other stories that exist in it other than the one you are playing out. To that point there have been novels, mobile games and previous graphic novels series that have expanded the universe. Now Dark Horse and Bioware are back with Mass Effect: Invasion which is a must for any fan of the game series but might be a little too steeped in continuity for casual science fiction fans.

This latter part of the equation is sort of a shame because Mass Effect is a great sci-fi story. In fact, I venture to say it’s one of the best of my generation in any medium. However the plot of this particular set of comic books ,while it doesn’t deal with the game’s main character, is set squarely in the aftermath of Mass Effect 2. If you played that game you will understand terms like Omega 4 Relay, Collectors, Cerebus and Illusive Man but if you haven’t you will be completely at a loss. That’s because, thankfully, these books have no interest in holding the non indoctrinated by the hand and leading them into the universe. Instead, they set out at full speed on an adventure that not only harkens back to previous events but seems like it will have consequences on ones to come in the future.

For fans of the series you will be treated to the same fantastic dialogue, character development and plotting you are used to in the games. Aria T’Loak, pirate queen of Omega, is the protagonist here and she is in no uncertain terms awesome. Since the beggining I’ve been fascinated with the Asari race and it’s great to be following one through an intriguing story. It’s hard to talk about plot details without spoiling years of story but I will say that if you are fan of the shady Cerebus organization you will not be disapointed. Add to that the fact that the art is detailed, intense and does a spot on job of capturing the look of the video games without losing a sense of style. And you get a comic that is the complete package for any Mass Effect fan and the perfect remedy to tide you over until the third game’s release in March.


Few where do I begin…If you don’t know what an Asari is, what biopics are, what a Mass Relay is, or what Cerebus is you might want to do some research and then come back.


Buy It- If you are a fan of the game series and it’s deep and varied universe this is definitely for you.



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