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Review: Wonder Woman #3

Wonder Woman #3

Title: Clay

Written by Brian Azzarello

Art by Cliff Chiang

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

I wouldn’t say that this month’s issue of Wonder Woman was the most exciting of the bunch, but it certainly knows how to drop a bomb on it’s main character. Fresh off the events of a massacre brought on by the magical influence of Wonder Woman’s sister, Strife, Diana finds out the truth about her birth, a deception of her heritage kept from her by her own mother.

While there certainly are a lot of emotions flying around the Amazonian island, I’m not quite sure that I felt the weight of them through the writing of Brian Azzarello. I also have some begging questions: Like, why is Strife walking around the island all casual-like? As if she didn’t just turn the amazons on their own sisters, causing them to brutally murder one another in an act of confusion. I’m guessing that it’s because she is a god and the amazons must show their respect?

The one thing I did take away from this issue that I truly did enjoy is the fact that now that Diana knows the secrets of her past, it looks like she’s out to kick some ass. We get a very nice vengeful Wonder Woman by the time this issue comes to a close, and I for one would not want to be on the receiving end of that anger. I’m guessing that the next logical step is to take the fight to Zeus’ door which should make for some really cool action.


A massacre has just occurred on the island of the amazons and it’s all because of Wonder Woman’s newly revealed sister, Strife.


Check it out first. I’m still totally on board for Wonder Woman but other readers might need more of a reason than knotted family ties to keep them interested.

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