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Review: Grifter #3

Grifter #2

Title: On Ramp

Written by Nathan Edmonson

Pencils by CAFU

Inked by Jason Gorder

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

I have to admit that Grifter has got me pretty intrigued. While it’s certainly not the most exciting book I am reading right now it’s still a page turner. Things keep getting worse for Grifter as the voices inside his head won’t shut up, he’s being relentlessly hunted by sentient beings and otherwise, and people he cares about just might die. This issue picks up right where the last one left us, and we get plenty of panels of Grifter donning his mask which is something I’ve been waiting for.

The rub about Grifter is that I’m still not entirely certain what is going on within the plot. Now normally that would be considered bad when trying to follow a month by month story, but for Grifter, it totally works. A lot of what drives this book (beyond it’s slick main character) is the mystery as to why all of these events are taking place. Just who is Grifter and why is he so special? It’s not like in Deathstroke where what they’re not telling you is vital to your hanging on. No, this is about a man on a mission. Oh yeah, and did I also mention that there’s a whole other side plot involving Grifter’s ex girlfriend that is pretty damn intriguing as well? So yeah, if you like action that drives a story forward and mysterious plots then you should totally be reading this book.


Grifter keeps hearing voices in his head and a lot of innocent people are going to pay the price before those voices will shut up.


Check it out. It might not be for everyone but certain fans of big guns, alien beings, and amnesia might really get a kick out of this one.

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