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Review: Deathstroke #3

Deathstroke #3

Title: Legacy

Written by Kyle Higgins

Pencils by Joe Bennett

Ink by Art Thibert

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

When we first started this comic book website venture, we made a deal. If you don’t like a book after 3 issues you are allowed to give it the boot. So pardon me while I strap on some giant death march steel tipped boots and kick Deathstroke so far into the stratosphere that I’ll never have to be bothered by him ever again. The latest issue of Deathstroke has obviously done nothing to keep me reading, obviously, but why? It’s boring. The “play by your own rules, don’t care who gets hurt” facade only works for so many pages before it gets old. The only thing that Deathstroke cares about is being the best at what he does, killing. Now, normally I would okay with that. I love a good gory comic with plenty of mutilation and severing of limbs, but this story just isn’t cutting it.

The story contained within these first few issues has hardly moved even an inch forward, WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS IN THAT DAMNED BRIEFCASE, and what’s with building up the arrival of a new villain for Deathstroke to square up against if he’s just going to kill him in the next panel? Seriously, this book couldn’t be anymore boring. I don’t understand how, as a writer, you think that you can fill nearly 60+ pages with almost nothing but bad attitude and sub par carnage and expect to entertain your readers. I admit fully that I had no idea who Deathstroke was before picking up his story line as part of the New 52, but wasn’t that the point of the relaunch? Sigh. No offense to Higgins and Bennett (who does an admirable job in the art department) but could you have made this character any less interesting? Maybe if we knew what Deathstroke was trying to protect inside that stupid briefcase it would be reason enough for me to give a @!*%.


Deathstroke plays by his own rules. He hates you and he hates your friends. Don’t team up with him or he’ll shoot you in the face. He works alone.


Skip it! The end.

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