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Review: Superboy #3

Superboy #3

Written by Scott Lobdell

Pencils by RB Silva

Inks by Rob Lean

Much like the character that inhabits its pages Superboy the book doesn’t quite know what it is yet. Is our main character a borderline psychotic, a naive boy, or a empathetic stranger looking to find his place in a new world? Right now he appears to be all three. I think this lack of focus is the only thing holding Superboy #3 back from being a great book.

I don’t have anything against tonal shifts but it feels to me like writer Scott Lobdell isn’t deftly weaving a complicated character study as much as he is struggling to get a grasp on how he wants to tell his story. I enjoy our lead’s frank and funny narration as well as his burgeoning moral quandaries but I don’t think they reconcile with Superboy in past issues. Maybe this is a marked shift in his personality that will stick but at this point he has been three different people in three different issues so I don’t have much faith.

I griped last month that there was no story progression. I’m happy to report that issue three has brisk and effective storytelling. Although I criticize his lack of uniformity Lobdell does make Superboy a likable and interesting character who I look forward to spending time with.


Wait and See – The writing is solid but inconsistent. I worry that there is no rudder for this ship but if it begins to gel next month it will be a solid buy.

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