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Review: Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #2

Penguin – Pain and Prejudice #2

Title: Beautiful Boy

Written by Greg Hurwitz

Artistry by Szymon Kudranski

Colors by John Kalisz

There is something truly twisted about the Penguin: Pain and Prejudice series so far. Being afforded the chance to be become a fly on the wall in the days when Oswald Cobblepot was just a tortured little boy is really something that sticks with you. Abusive parents, horrendous schoolmates, and a society that won’t even look at him was Penguin’s world, and we get to see it up close and personal.

This issue is a direct follow up to the events of the first book and does very little to push the preset day crisis along. Normally that would be a complaint, but I’m finding that the Penguin’s past so far is much more interesting than just another string of murders inside Gotham City. Not all is roses with this issue though as I did find a couple of events or panels to be a little confusing. Events would happen inside the story that I found myself saying “Well, I know the thing broke while still being clutched inside their hand, but what was it exactly?” Confused? Me too. There’s a lot of “tight shot” panels contained within these pages and while stylish, I can’t help but feel like perhaps pulling back a little might have made certain moments more comprehensible. But the fact remains that The Penguin is one devilish little bastard and has been since his very early years. For a Batman villain that tends to be swept aside and looked at almost like a harmless joke, this book is certainly going out of its way to convince you otherwise.


The Penguin has dealt with a lot and it shows particularly in his relationship with his late father. Picking up the first issue would really help you out. This is a book built on character and emotions, not action and mystery.


Buy it. Do not disregard The Penguin as just some misfit Batman villain. He has a rich and deep story to share and it’s a sad one. If you want more insight as to why you should fear this evil bird I suggest you pick this up.

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