Review: The Theater #2

The Theater #2

Created & Written by Raven Gregory

Pencils by Marcio Abreu and Novo Malgapo

Colors by Mark Roberts and Michael Garcia

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this issue of Zenescope’s The Theater. While I loved the potential of the first issue and enjoyed the setup of watching tales unfold through a dilapidated theater screen, this issue just didn’t grab me. This time around we’re treated to just one story throughout the issue, and it’s a confusing one at best. Writers at the top of the Best Sellers list are being bumped off (the deaths made to look like strange suicides) and it’s a mystery as to who the killer is (duh). The book appears to be written from just one perspective but the confusing layout and contents of the panels with each passing page had me constantly guessing whose voice I was following, and I don’t mean this in good way.

usually the message and writing of Raven Gregory is clear and I can digest it 100% by the end of his books, but this time I felt let down and still confused even after all was revealed. I’d really like it if the series would go back to what was strong about it to begin with. By this I mean the over-arcing story of the mysterious theater and it’s shifty owners. Perhaps it was just this one book that will be the stumbling point for this series, or perhaps I just didn’t get it. But that’s where my true issue lies with this. I’ve been following Zemescope for a number of years and have always been able to sort through their delivery to find myself satisfied at the end. Unfortunately, this was not the case this month. Oh well, I’m still willing to continue this series to see where it might take us but I’m really hoping it gets back to it’s roots in the next installment.


The Theater is a place where you view the books twisted stories. There’s also something sinister lurking behind the curtains.


Wait and see. I want to see more from this series. After a decent first issue and a nice setup it could really go places but this issue kind of felt like a step backward.

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