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Review: Static Shock #3



Written by Scott McDaniel & John Rozum

Pencils by Scott McDaniel

Inks by Andy Owens

Review by Brian Verderosa


I suppose the best adage I can apply to the third outing of Static Shock (which, for those who haven’t been reading the site, has been substantially sub-par) is “too little too late.” There’s not much to hate in this issue, but what it gives certainly doesn’t propel the story or characters forward enough to give it another chance.

We have a lot of the same beats hit upon in the previous two books, with Static being a loud-mouthed, cocky entitled baby when he’s on his patrols with zero sympathy or charisma. He tries to act smooth, even under his true identity, and it comes off as inauthentic and annoying. This is nothing new.

Last month, we were introduced to a quintet of assassins who (while being incredibly bad at their jobs) were tasked to kill Static. Why? No idea. There’s some maniacal mastermind, for sure, but motives are extremely unclear. At the very least, in this issue, Static tries to find out why he’s been targeted, but in this setting both us and he being in the dark doesn’t serve the story and doesn’t push it futher.

The one plus I would acknowledge is that the mystery about his twin/clone sister has gotten more airtime and is actually interesting — too bad no characters OTHER than the two girls in question seem to care.


Skip it. Better than bad does not mean good, and this series hasn’t given us anything to latch onto. Strike 3!



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