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Review: Justice League International #3


“The Signal Masters Part 3”

Written by Dan Jurgens

Pencils by Aaron Lopresti

Inks by Matt Ryan

Review by Brian Verderosa

As much as it pains me to say it, Justice League International is not living up to its history nor its creative team. Dan Jurgens, whose work on “Superman” and “Thor” have been nothing short of fantastic, has dropped the ball a bit here. The first two issues were good, though not great. This one … eh.

What perplexes me the most about this issue is its extreme lack of focus. The team gets broken up into pairs throughout the entire globe, but there isn’t any explanation as to what they’re all doing there and why they’re teamed up with their partners.

The good humor that showed promise earlier on is gone, and the big question that permeates my brain throughout reading is simply “why?” There isn’t much rhyme or reason to our characters’ actions, and the dialogue (which, again, is usually excellent by Jurgens’ standards) is lackluster at best.

I know there is potential here, and I trust that there will be adventure abound in future issues — it just isn’t here this month.


Skip it – nothing in this issue is needed to be seen.

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