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Review: Stormwatch #3

Stormwatch #3

Title: The Dark Side: Part Three

Written by Paul Cornell

Art by Miguel Sepulveda

Colors by Alen Sinclair & Pete Pantazis

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Who would have thought that this month I’d be declaring that the comic book series Stormwatch has suddenly become something very cool. If you’ve followed my previous reviews of this serious you’ll already know that I’ve been almost struggling with this one, and that it remained one of my least favorites of the New 52, until now. Not that it’s got a spot in the Top 5 or anything but I’ll certainly be picking up the next issue after the delivery of this one. For starters, something that should have happened two issues ago, we’re finally getting the chance to see what some of these heroes can do. Not only are the powers explained, but the manner upon which they are executed are just so cool. Seeing Jack Hawksmoor (the man with the ability to communicate with whole cities) display his talents by actually speaking with character representations of each city was a real treat.

Stormwatch #3 hit the mark for me. If you’ve found yourself lost, or perhaps not grooving on the tremendous cast of characters, this book orients itself in such a way that it’s much less confusing to follow along with each side plot. The art of Miguel Sepulveda is simply gorgeous. From the start of this series I have always enjoyed at least this aspect of the book itself. The depictions of the cosmos and atmospheric battles are really something worth checking out. Seriously, maybe it’s that the first two books left me wanting so much that by comparison this book was light years beyond, but I think that honestly I just needed to give things a little more time. When I really think about it, there was always something lurking beneath the surface of this story. Now that it’s out and causing havoc among the pages I am really looking forward to more.

This is a book where you absolutely have to have read the first two issues to know what is happening inside of this story.

Believe it or not I’d say that this is a buy. Check it out in the stores if you are as much on the fence when I was walking into this, but I think you’ll be surprised by just how much this issue turns things around and makes up for almost everything we’ve say through thus far.


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