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Review: Voodoo #2

Voodoo #2

Title: Reflections

Written by Ron Marz

Art by Sami Basri with Hendry Prasetya

Colors by Jessica Kholinne

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Whatever is happening in Voodoo seems to be happening very slowly. Another book this week that seems to be just an expansion of the first issue, Voodoo does very little to amp up the excitement of this story arc. Really all we get in this issue is a conversation between Agent Fallon and a disguised Voodoo post coitus. I really wish that they had taken the time in this issue to further to mission of Voodoo and perhaps tell us exactly what she’s doing there and why she’s wasting her time sleeping with the help.

I suppose that perhaps they are trying to set up a “struggle with her alien inhibitions versus the urge to know what it’s like to be human” but that’s really not enough to keep you turning the pages. It’s also a little disheartening when the most exciting page of the book happens to be the last. I feel as if they tacked on the last panel (featuring a very noteworthy hero about to enter the fray) just to give you reason to purchase the next issue. I’m really hoping for some heavy explanation as to where Voodoo has come from and what exactly her mission is in the next book. Even though I like the art style of Sami Basri and Hendry Prasetya this series really needs to kick things into high gear and soon or else it’s going to be next in line on the old chopping block. The character has such potential to do some pretty spectacular things and a whole issue of the writer spinning their wheels is not what I wanted to read this month. Why spend so much time worrying about what the FBI are up to when there are super heroes looking to take you down? I just don’t get it.


The last time we left Voodoo she cleverly disguised herself as Agent Fallon’s partner and was looking for more information about the FBI and their operation.


Wait and see. I’m hanging on to this book just barely. Unless the next issue decides to turn up the heat and gives us better action this very well might be a series to pass on.

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