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Review: The Savage Hawkman #2


“Wings of Darkness”

Written by Tony S. Daniel

Art by Philip Tan

Review by Brian Verderosa

The good news is that The Savage Hawkman 2 is not as bad as it’s predecessor. The bad news is that nothign could be as bad as its predecessor, so that’s not saying much. The ill-conceived tale of Carter Hall and his newfound metal costume (it’s stupid, trust me) continues this month, and it does manage to make more sense. The problem there, however, is that by being more transparent it reveals how little depth there is in the first place.

We pick up where we left off last month, with Hall battling this new villain Morphicus who wants to share his energy or some such nonsense. Hall and his alter ego are both kind of annoying — there’s no fire (despite what you may see on the page) to spark us to care about him. The dialogue is pretty bland and unconvincing all around (Bad guy: “WHAT DID YOU DO? THE ENERGY! IT’S TOO MUCH!”) and Hall’s surrounding cast of characters are about as interesting as a Woody Allen credit sequence. Daniel may be going somewhere with this, but he needs to find a hook and find it quickly before Cut Day next month.

On a positive note, just as with issue 1, Tan’s art is gorgeous. It’s a very distinct, interesting style that would pop off the page if it weren’t for the lackluster story it’s compelled to tell.


Skip it, and if you have time, make protest signs, stand outside your local comic shop and prevent others from purchasing it.

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