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Review: I, Vampire #2

I, Vampire #2

Title: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov

Art by Andrea Sorrentino

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

I, Vampire #2 continues the sleek and beautiful design of the first book by giving us a little bit of our two main characters, as well as a little more insight to the impending vampire apocalypse. Honestly, I would have liked a little bit more plot and a little less of the relationship angle of this story, but one must remember that when reading anything involving vampires you will essentially be reading a love story. In fact, that is where I think this book truly shines. I’m really enjoying the relationship between Mary and Andrew. Their back and forth is so far what really drives the book and compels me to keep reading.

That being said, I think that at the end of the issue we’ve established enough of the characters that maybe we want to start pushing the plot along a little bit. The art of Andrea Sorrentino and writing of Joshua Hale Fialkov compliment each other so well that I would continue to read this series based on that alone. I love the idea of this gothic world being just outside of Metropolis and am eagerly awaiting the day when some of its heroes crossover into Mary, The Queen of Blood’s territory. For the next issue I would really like to see some more of the bigger picture regarding the plot and perhaps introducing some companions for Andrew wouldn’t hurt either. I feel like now that we’ve had two solid issues of gothic happenings the series can start to spread it’s wings a little bit.


The vampire apocalypse is amassing it’s numbers and it’s up to Andrew to stop them all.


Buy it. If you enjoyed the first book then this is a no brainer as it’s more of the same, though not in a bad way. It works almost like a Part 2 to the first issue and hopefully after this one we’ll see more plot development and maybe even an expansion of the cast of characters.

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