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Review: Blackhawks #2

Blackhawks #2
Titus: The Enemy Within
Written by Mike Costa
Pencils by Graham Nolan
Inks by Trevor McCarthy
Review by Bobby Shortle

Blackhawks #2 may be the hardest review I’ve ever had to write. Why? Because for all intensive purposes Blackhawks is a well crafted and fun comic book. The team is well defined, the action is dynamic and the plotting is refreshingly brisk yet I can’t find it within myself to care.

I don’t know what it is. Its not the writing because I find it to be quite sharp this time around. The characters of Lady Blackhawk, Kunoichi and the Colonel are well drawn and acutely interesting. I’m positive on the G.I. Joe silliness of the plot and the antics which derive from it. I’m especially digging the design of the Snake Eyes looking assassin the team encounters. I think the real issue is lack of mental real estate. I only have so much empathy in my heart for fictional characters and perhaps I’ve waisted too much on the Batman.

Blackhawks #2 is a solid action story and I find the characters to be archetypal yet engaging. It’s my fault I’m not going crazy for it.

Buy it- I’m not loving it but cognitively I can tell this is a well crafted action title.

Bobby Shortle is founder and Editor in Chief of Talking Comics as well as the host of the weekly Talking Comics Podcast. When he's not writing about comics he's making short films which can be found at and talking…

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