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Review: Batman: The Dark Knight #2

Batman: The Dark Knight #2

Issue Title: The Fury of Two-Face

Written by Paul Jenkins

Pencils by David Finch

Inks by Richard Friend

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Now this is more like it! The first issue of Batman: The Dark Knight had really left me wanting. I found that this particular run of Batman against the many other iterations that have been released alongside the DC New 52 was perhaps the weakest of the bunch. However, I’m happy to say that this issue sees this story-line shaping up to be something totally worth your time. All hell has broken loose in the city of Gotham as someone working from inside Arkham has poisoned a total of 300 inmates with a special version of FEAR serum, causing them to have VENOM-like abilities as well as losing whatever inhibitions they had left inside their twisted skulls.

This issue was just what I needed to be satisfied with the idea that this was my assigned Batman series of the New 52. Here we see the inclusion of Robin, Nightwing, The Birds of Prey, and Batwoman all coming together to fight the good fight. It’s great to see Batman himself inside of situation where he has no choice but to accept help from his fellow crime fighters. With so many notorious villains out on the streets, hopped up on this new serum, their personalities have all been amplified and they’re as bloodthirsty as ever. The ink work by Richard Friend is nothing short of fantastic and the clever writing of Paul Jenkins and David Finch even manages to sneak in a few jokes to ease the tension. With so many Batman books available it would be easy to dismiss this one from your monthly pile, but with so much going on and a seemingly endless amount of character interactions going on this book is now worth your time.


Gotham is being overrun by all of its worst villains and they are all on some hardcore drugs. What else do you need?


Buy it. After a rather ho-hum setup this series is really starting to come into its own. I recommend it.

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