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Review: Red Hood and the Outlaws #2


Written by Scott Lobdell

Drawn by Kenneth Rocafort

Reviewed by Brad Jones

I’m starting to pick up a pattern with Red Hood and the Outlaws: one cool sequence surround by a bunch of turds. For the first issue, there was a cool prison break-out, followed by a nonsensical narrative filled with alien sexiness, trite dialogue and hints at a backstory I wasn’t all too involved in. This time around, we get the complete story of how Jason was brought back from the dead – which was really well-told – but some global teleporting, some random mob thugs and continuously irritating supporting players drag this book down to through the garbage I had expected after the first book.

A flashback sequence reintroduces us to Talia al Ghul, former Bruce Wayne flame and daughter to Batman villain, Ras al Ghul. After Jason’s death, Talia brings his body to the Lazarus pits, where he’s resurrected in a cool tie to preexisting Batman mythology. The Caste train zombie-Todd and he begins his new, Robin-free life. From here, we catch back up with modern Jason, Starfire and Roy Harper, aka Red Hood and the Outlaws. By the close of the book, Jason slaughters a gang of thugs, jets about the globe in search of whomever slaughtered the Caste, and is suddenly open to the idea of teaming up with Harper and Boobs McAlienson.

I’ve generally enjoyed the Batman universe books of the New 52, but I just can’t get into the whole of Red Hood and the Outlaws. Barring another cool opening sequence – this time with some classic Batman characters and settings involved – the bulk of Issue #2 is just as big a let-down as Issue #1. As of right now, I look forward to a future where I’ve absolved myself from reading more of the adventures of Jason Todd.


Skip it. There are far better books that are part of the New 52 than this, and the sheer mediocrity of this series is testing my patience.

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