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Review: Catwoman #2


Issue Title: “I could say that I’ll sleep better, but that’s a lie.”

Written by Judd Winick

Pencils by Guillem March

Inked by Tomeu Morey

Whoa! Things are heating up for our feline femme fatale, Selina Kyle. Fresh off of a still-costumed steamy romp with Batman, Catwoman is out the window and up to no good. Looking to cause trouble and make a little cash while she’s doing it, Catwoman, prowls the art collection of a gang boss named Renald. She quickly finds that she’s bitten off a little more than she can chew and must now pay the price.

I absolutely loved the first issue of Catwoman, and issue #2 is no exception. Continuing the powerful narrative of the first installment, Judd Winick continues to tell a story in which Catwoman is queen. Each and every page of this book is gill with sexy, colorful, and sleek line and color work by Guillem March and Tomeu. My favorite part of this book is still the overwhelming sense of domination by our lead character. Feisty, cunning, but also careless, Selina Kyle is on a clever rampage through the streets of Gotham and must soon pay the consequences of her actions. While remaining in charge of her destiny Selina is obviously a very flawed woman. This series so far is doing a fantastic job of bringing that notion to the forefront by keeping Catwoman in a state of constant danger, making for a truly enjoyable tale thus far.


Catwoman ain’t pussy footing around. This series is hot and heavy and filled with blood and vengeance. Sounds like a good time, doesn’t it?


Buy! Buy! Buy!

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