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Review: Supernatural #1


Supernatural #1

Title: Caledonia

Written by Brian Wood

Art by Grant Bond

Letters by Wes Abbott

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

Allow me to preface this review by stating that I am a long time and huge fan of the Supernatural television series and have even read several of the comic books and novels. That being said, I don’t think I’ve yet picked up a book since we began this Talking Comics site that has left me more divided on how I feel about the start of something that I’d hoped would be wonderful. The first thing that had thrown me was the artwork. With something like Supernatural you would expect that the artwork be rather gritty or at the very least etched in some semblance of reality. Instead, what we get is a rather cartoony take on the franchise. Next, where on earth is Dean? How do you have an introductory issue of Supernatural without featuring his character?

What we get is Sam making his way across the globe and on the hunt for a book, leading us to Edinburgh, Scotland. Now understand, I know that this is the first issue and obviously the writers can’t pack too much in, but this all just seemed like such a strange way to start off a comic series about two bad ass sibling monster hunters. It felt more like watching Sam go on some awkward and foreboding date rather than an actual event within the Supernatural world. We do get to spend some time toward the end with a sort of “ghost traffic” scene, but it was hardly what any of us fans would have anticipated.


Oddly, for a #1 issue it seems like you would have had to be following Supernatural from its start. There’s no history to explain our characters. You’re just supposed to know things about them already, which isn’t always the best way to grab a new audience.


Wait and See – I will be purchasing the next issue for sure. I refuse to believe that this isn’t going to go somewhere worth my time (and money). Though if they don’t get it together soon and actually start to put some meat on these bones this may very well be a lost cause. A first issue is supposed to grab you and get you interested in what’s going on. This failed to do so.


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